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Addiction Prompts Scratch Cards Theft

Addiction is a serious issue that can affect each and every one of us at any stage of our lives either by developing our own addiction or having to deal with someone close to us battling addiction.

People can get addicted to anything and everything but the more common and accepted forms of addiction include alcohol and drugs, food and gambling.

The increase in gambling products available to punters offline and online over the past few years has caused a renewed interest in gambling addiction and has forced many to take notice of this type of addiction.

One place where gambling addiction recently struck was in Martin's convenience store and post office in Owton Manor Lane, Hartlepool when it was discovered that the store's supervisor, Nathan O'Donavan was stealing from his bosses to feed his scratch cards addiction.

The thievery was discovered during a routine six-monthly stock evaluation by the area manager for the chain of shops. The manager noticed an unusually high number of refunds put through the shop's cashier's till.

When confronted with the theft O'Donavan confessed his sins and admitted to regularly putting through false refunds and pocketing the cash. In total he stole over £4,500 and also stole £179 worth of cigarettes during his six month stint as the store's manager.

When caught O'Donavan apologized for breaching the owner's trust and explained that he is addicted to scratch cards and simply could not stop himself after witnessing several customers buying scratch cards and winning.

His solicitor claimed that O'Donavan only won £100 from all the scratch cards he got and the court showed his leniency by not sentencing him to spend any time in prison, rather keeping him within his community for rehabilitation.

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