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Bingo Terminology

The game of bingo was favored by many people from all over the world for several centuries and boasts huge popularity with a lot of people.

For those who are not familiar with it might be apprehensive about giving it a try because, while the game doesn't require any special skills, it uses unique terminology that is vital to know before starting to play.

75 Ball

A popular variation of bingo, mostly played in the US with a 5x5 grid playing cards.

90 Ball
A popular variation of bingo, mostly played in the UK with cards that have 3 rows with 9 squares in each row but displaying only 5 numbers per row.

Bingo Board
The display board that shows all the called/drawn bingo numbers.

Bingo Card
The player's playing card on which drawn bingo numbers are marked.

A bingo game where players need to cover all the numbers on their card in order to win.

Bonanza Bingo
A progressive bingo game using linked bingo games, each contributing to the progressive jackpot until it is won at which point it is reset back to zero and starts accumulating again.

Free Space
In 75 Ball Bingo there is an empty square that is automatically marked as you start the game and counts towards making a winning pattern.

Full House
In 90 Ball Bingo – a fully marked card.

the prize fund offered to the top winner or the total of prizes offered in the game.

The layout needed to create a win. In 90 Ball Bingo there are three types of winning patters; 1 line, 2 lines and a Full House.

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