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Online Scratch Cards Rules

One of the greatest things about online scratch cards is that it's an easy to follow game, without too many complicated rules, which makes it very accessible to all players. Scratch cards are popular among university students all the way to their grandparents.

Many online gambling games are complicated and require being familiarized with complicated rules and even more complicated strategies. Scratch cards are different. It's an easy game that doesn't require understanding and utilizing complex playing strategies.

The only rules you need to know is how to wager on your favorite scratch card game. You do so by selecting the coin you want to wager using the "+" that is at the bottom of the screen to increase your wager and "-" to decrease your wager. Most scratch cards games offer wagers that range from £0.10 to £20.

Once you have selected the wager size you have an option to make a single bet or use "bet max" option. This means that if the scratch card you are playing has 3 scratch areas; you will be playing all 3 instead of just one.

Then you need to select your mode of playing. There are usually 3 types of playing modes:

Auto Scratch – this option means that the cards will scratch automatically once you have set your wager and pressed play.

Manual Scratch – this option means you will need to actually click on the areas you want to scratch on the card itself. This is the closest virtual scratch cards get to physical scratch cards action and are favored by many players who want to take their time and play slowly for maximum entertainment.

Auto Play – this option offers the ultimate in scratch cards playing. You can operate the whole game by using the start button after you have selected your wager. The computer will do all the work for you. You can also select in advance for how many rounds of play you want the Auto play feature to run for.

This is all you need to know when playing scratch cards online. Either way you can always be confident that you will not break the rules of online scratch cards. The software will not allow you to do something that is outside the boundaries of the game. It doesn't get simpler than this.

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