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Bingo Terminology

The game of bingo was favored by many people from all over the world for several centuries and boasts huge popularity with a lot of people.For those who are not familiar with it might be apprehensive about giving it a try because, while the ... read more

How Safe are Online Scratch Cards

Many people are concerned about playing online scratch cards as they feel a bit awkward about supplying their personal details to some anonymous company. This is a normal concern to have. Firstly let us state that online scratch cards are a ... read more

Online Scratch Cards Rules

One of the greatest things about online scratch cards is that it's an easy to follow game, without too many complicated rules, which makes it very accessible to all players. Scratch cards are popular among university students all the way ... read more

The Temptation of Online Scratch Cards

Playing scratch cards has been a favorite pastime activity for many people from all over the world. The invention of scratch cards in 1974 did not generate great interest. It wasn't until the US patented the scratch cards lottery system in ... read more

Win Playing Scratch Cards

Many people are asking themselves how they can make money with scratch cards when it is a game of pure luck. There is no real way of beating scratch cards as it is primarily a game of luck. However scratch cards offer better odds than most ... read more

Best Instant Win Games

Online gaming as an industry has experienced a huge boom and has generated over the past couple of decades a seemingly endless offering of online gaming sites and casinos. In recent years there has been a trend to offer players instant win ... read more

The History of Scratch Cards

Scratch cards originate from the US and initially only manual randomization methods were used to produce them. In 1974 an American company called Scientific Games Corp. has produced a computer generated instant lottery scratch card, however ... read more

Scratch Cards Strategy

Playing scratch cards online has become so popular because it is an easy to play game that does not require any special math skills or prior knowledge on part of the player. Although it is easy and fun to play scratch cards online there are ... read more

Free Scratch Cards

To play scratch cards online is an entertaining pastime that is favored by many. However besides being a fun activity that can help combat workplace boredom or just help you pass a lazy Sunday afternoon at home, it can also be a very profitable ... read more

Bingo – The Game That Everybody Loves

Playing gambling games is an activity that is loved by a lot of people and most gambling games are known and played in similar ways all over the world. Most gambling games can be found in gambling halls or casinos and some are even state-sponsored. ... read more

The History of Bingo

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world. It is a lottery-based game which roots can be traced back to 16th century Italy when it was called "Il Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia".The game spread through Europe and continued to develop until ... read more

Playing Gambling Games Online

Playing games online is a source of amusement for many people from all walks of life. The love for online gaming crosses borders and cultural differences and is thoroughly enjoyed by people from all over the world. The only thing that makes ... read more

The Benefits of Online Instant Win Games

Playing games online can be great fun and have become a favorite pastime activity for many people from all over the world. The only thing that can make playing online games more fun is playing them for money when you have a chance of winning ... read more

Scratch Cards Progressive Games

Many gamblers are familiar with the term progressive games, but for those who are not familiar with the term there is a simple explanation. Progressive games are games that contribute a small amount of the money wagered on them during each ... read more

The Effects of Technology on Scratch Cards

Scratch cards were invented in the pre-internet-boom age when the technology of information systems between connected computers was still in diapers. Scratch cards were used for non-profit purposes as a means to raise money for charities, and ... read more

The Benefits of Playing Online Scratch Cards

Scratch cards have been a source of fun and pastime entertainment for scores of people all over the world. They were first invented in the 1970's and started their meteoric rise to public awareness thanks to their instant win function and the ... read more

Most Popular Scratch Card Games

Over the past several years there is a growing trend on gaming platforms that are dedicated to online scratch cards and instant win games. More and more brands enter the online scratch cards niche and provide players with exciting and easy ... read more

The Appeal of Online Scratch Cards

Scratch card games have been popular ever since their invention in the 20th century in the US as they offered easy and fun gambling to those who enjoyed games of chance and luck that do not require great deal of skill and knowledge. In recent ... read more

Instant Win Scratch Cards Odds

Playing instant win scratch cards online has great benefits. Besides the obvious comfort of playing at your own home and having many different games at your disposal, there is another advantage that directly affects your wallet. Online instant ... read more

Scratch Cards Do's and Don'ts

Scratch cards is a game of luck but there are a few key things you can do to ensure you have the best possible playing experience and of course there are some things you should definitely avoid from doing while you play scratch off cards.Do's ... read more

Online Scratch Cards: A Late but Welcomed Arrival to the Online Gaming Industry

The internet revolution has caused many businesses to go online and offer their products in the virtual world. While the birth of online casinos and online poker pretty much accompanied the boom in internet businesses, scratch cards have taken ... read more

What are online scratch cards?

Many people know and love playing scratch cards but are not aware that the internet revolution has also affected the scratch cards industry by bringing this beloved pastime activity online. Online scratch cards are the internet version of this ... read more

Why Play Online?

You might have ample experience playing scratch cards or you might be completely new to scratch off cards, either way you might be asking yourself why should you play online scratch cards? There are several reasons why online scratch cards ... read more

Online Scratch Cards vs. Offline Scratch Cards

As a scratch cards player you have the option of getting dressed, leaving the house, going to your nearest shop or stand where scratch cards are sold, buy a scratch card or two, scratch them at the shop or take them home and scratch there. ... read more

Online Scratch Cards Safety

Online scratch off tickets have quickly become one of the most favorite type of lottery games due to the chance to win instantly without the need to wait for any draws and their simplicity which enables everybody to play without the need to ... read more

Online Scratch Cards Playing Tips

Winning at online scratch cards is a matter of luck which is what makes the game so popular. People have enjoyed games of luck since the dawn of civilizations and that is the reason that many of the early luck-based games are still so popular ... read more

Beginners guide to Scratch Cards

Playing scratch card is a fun activity that millions of people enjoy all over the world. It’s a fun pastime that many of us do for charity or for personal pleasure at the hope of winning big. In recent years the online scratch cards industry ... read more

How to play Online Scratch Cards

The joy and fun you can experience when you play scratch cards online is great but many people are somewhat intimidated by a new online game they are not familiar with, especially if they view the activity as a form of gambling. Online gambling ... read more

Instant Win Scratch Cards

Playing instant win scratch cards online is a lot of fun because anything you win is instantly credited to your player account. Unlike state-run lotteries where if you win a big jackpot you need to claim the prize and often you will only get ... read more

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