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The Effects of Technology on Scratch Cards

Scratch cards were invented in the pre-internet-boom age when the technology of information systems between connected computers was still in diapers. Scratch cards were used for non-profit purposes as a means to raise money for charities, and were offered by state lotteries as an instant win game that offered a different product to their usually draw lottery.

Developments in technology that allowed the internet into our offices and homes has created a new venue for gaming activity that had affected the gaming industry in every field. Even gaming consuls that remained popular ended up developing products that can connect to the internet and allow players from all over the world to play with each other.

The advent of technology did not go unnoticed by the scratch cards industry. The industry's movers and shakers realized that sophisticated graphical and audio capabilities of computers can serve scratch cards very well in allowing a seemingly endless array of online scratch cards to be produced thus providing players with a constantly changing product that always operates under the same rules but each time offer it in a different look.

The effects of technology on scratch cards has been tremendous and has created a new breed of online products and has expended the scratch cards market and allowed it to be discovered and appeal to new players.

The main technological advancement that aided in this was the improvements in personal computers in terms of size and accessibility. Suddenly within a few short years most homes in the modern world would have a computer at home.

These new home computers would be connected to the internet, initially through very basic phone line connection, that over time have evolved to allow very speedy connection. The speed of the internet connection is what allows games to operate smoothly and without delays. Anyone who played online a decade ago can attest to how better games are now, not just in terms of the sophisticated design but also as far as the ease of play due to a fast connection.

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