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The Millionaire that Nearly Wasn't

Every day we hear wonderful stories about great things happening to people out of the blue, without any expectation and often we hear about the involvement of destiny in determining the course of events to come.

Who of us have not heard about the person who missed their flight that ended up crashing above the Atlantic ocean, or the mother who was delayed in picking her kids from school thus avoiding a major accident near the school during pick up time.

Not all of these types of stories are about avoiding misfortune. Some of them are actually about discovering new fortunes; like the down-on-his-luck-guy who found a casino chip outside the casino went into the establishment and wagered the chip on a single number bet on the roulette table and won a small fortune that overhauled his life and helped him back on his feet.

I could go on and on with countless similar stories from the past, but instead I would like to tell you about someone very lucky who had something like this happen to him just this past week.

In Wemyss Bay, Scotland a local businessman entered one of the local shops to purchase a few items and decide to buy a couple of scratch cards as he was feeling lucky.

The shop assistant that was serving the businessman made a mistake and tore off three scratch cards instead of the desired two the man asked for.

Being a nice person and not wanting the shop assistant to get into any trouble with the shop owner, the businessman agreed to purchase all three scratch off tickets and went on his way.

This act of kindness proved to be the luckiest thing that businessman has ever done as the third scratcher was the last big winning scratch card with a cool 1 million pounds cash prize guaranteed to its owner.

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