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Why Play Online?

You might have ample experience playing scratch cards or you might be completely new to scratch off cards, either way you might be asking yourself why should you play online scratch cards?

There are several reasons why online scratch cards have become a fast growing online phenomenon that is gaining thousands of new followers every day.

Firstly online scratch cards offer a far more entertaining time than regular scratch cards because of the great graphics and sound effects. There is no way a small paper card with a few symbols on it for scratch off can ever compete with the amazing vast selection of online scratch cards with all the different themes and stories they are based on.

Second; there is no need to leave the comfort of your home or office and have to go somewhere in order to buy a scratch card. Online scratch cards are available at a click of a button and the instant win games offer huge rewards for a very small investment.

When you buy a scratchcard for $1 from a vendor and hit one of the big jackpots of let's say $50,000, you will not be paid instantly as the vendor from which you bought your ticket will not be holding such large sums in their shop.

You will need to post your winning ticket or travel to claim your winnings. However when you play online and hit a big jackpot playing an instant win scratch card you are guaranteed that the money you win is credited to your player account instantly.

Another key advantage to playing online is that some scratch cards cost as little as $0.50 or £0.20 and have jackpots as big as $100,000 or $200,000. Players get real value for money when playing online scratch cards.

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